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It all started on the 14th of July 1947, in the village of Plouha; Brittany, France. Everyone from the village was at the beach partying and celebrating the end of World War II. Amongst the crowd, the founding stone of a ‘forever’ love story started. ...
Georges, a handsome boy from Paris couldn’t take his eyes off a beautiful young girl, Monique. They were both spellbound and felt a magic looking at each other. That night, Georges asked Monique for their first dance. Under the charm of Georges, Monique felt like she was flying. In that moment of intense emotions, Monique asked Georges, if he would like to share a crêpe. With admiration in their hearts and happiness within, they fell deep in love.
Finishing his summer vacations in Plouha, George left for Paris. In 1947, when India was fighting for its independence, Monique and Georges were fighting for their love. 500km away, 70 years ago, Monique and Georges knew they had to write letters to each other if they wanted their love story to grow.
They wrote love letters every single week from the day they met until they were engaged. Monique and Georges kept these letters in an old shoebox, as souvenir. And they lived happily ever after. Years passed by and they were blessed with kids and grandkids. One of those babies was the little Julien. Julien used to ask Monique, his grandma:
“Mamie! Mamie! Can you tell us the story of How you met Grandpa?” Monique made him a promise that she would hand over the box of letters to him, the day she would breathe her last. Julien inherited the shoebox in June 2019. He calls it the ‘family treasure’


To my grandparents, ‘Georges’ (1928-2008) & ‘Monique’ (1931-2019).
Thank you for being such an inspiration for the family and the generation to come. We love you forever.’
-Julien, founder of My Mona and owner of the shoebox.

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An Inspiration coming straight from the heart of Paris. My Mona offers a fresh touch to the ancestral recipe of French crêpes by filling it with contemporary Indian flavors.

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  • Aarti Sharma

    Loved the Falafel Crepe…It’s my favourite. My nephews really enjoyed the

    garlic butter fries and the chicken popcorn.

    Just Loved it!

  • Ankit

    Well, ordered chicken gratine and chicken Crepe from Caesar along with fries from this outlet. The food is extremely tasty.

    The packaging was very nice. Delivery was fast. Chicken gratine was more like

    abruschetta with apt stuffing and very satisfying and fulfilling.

    Chicken Crepe was something I tried for the first time and it was great.

     Very good stuffing and good amount of vegetables.

  • Ashutosh Routray

    Amazing food, loved the use of cheese. If you like it French, you will love it in here.

    The food was fresh and tasty. Kudos to the chef. The crazy veggy crepe was amazing and so was the Paneer tikka au gratin.

    If you are looking out for something new, this is a definite go to place for you.

  • Priyanka Madaan

    The food is super amazing it is delicious and unique the dips are beyond

    par excellence they are fresh made not the typical bottled one.

    must try is the baba pops and garlic curd