Tired of ineffective lead generation?

Get your lead gen grooving with LinkedIn marketing.

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We are delighted that you are motivated to be looking at the price of this course already.

However, please be aware before you buy that due to the nature of this product we are unable to provide refunds. This is why we have made the free course available, so you will know for certain if LinkedIn Marketing will benefit your business before you spend any money.

Please be sure to check out the free course before you buy anything. We categorically do not want to take money from you unless this is absolutely going to add value to your life.

For curious individuals.
Four videos.
Instant access to the free course.
For motivated small teams.
21 Videos
Exclusive access t0 the LinkedIn Marketing Training LinkedIn Group.
50% discount on future course.
50% discount on consultancy and support.
Lifetime access to this version of the course.
For motivated bigger teams.
21 Videos
Exclusive access to the LinkedIn Marketing Training LinkedIn Group.
50% discount on future course.
50% discount on consultancy and support.
Lifetime access to this version of the course.


Hello there! My name is Martin Henley and I’d like to welcome you to these pages which are dedicated to delivering my effective LinkedIn Marketing Training online. 

And I have a question for you. The question is: how much of your time and energy is wasted on bad lead generation? If you sell business to business as a business owner, sales rep or a sales or marketing manager, you will know the issue. It’s well documented and you are certainly not alone. 

According to CMO Council, lost productivity and poorly managed leads cost companies at least one trillion dollars every single year. Sales staff states that 68% of companies struggle with lead generation. The B2B Lead claimed that 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. 42.5% of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals according to Accenture. And only 33% of a sales rep’s time is spent actively selling and only 60% of sales reps meet quota according to CSO Insights. You’re right, I got these statistics from the internet and I don’t know who most of these people are, but I know the feeling. And the feeling is …. *aaaaaarrrghhh*.

But you don’t need to resort to that because we have found each other, and I am on a mission to help you with this issue and … I may have a solution for you, and the solution might be … LinkedIn Marketing. Because Sergei Gusteroff thinks 82% of prospects can be reached by social media and sales reps who use social selling are 50% more likely to meet or exceed their quota according to Inside Sales. 

But you’re not there yet, because you might not know what LinkedIn is, what LinkedIn marketing is, if your prospects are there, what you could be achieving through LinkedIn marketing or what the benefits of LinkedIn marketing are. But we are still good because I have put this super short course together for you, for free. It answers all those questions for you and it’s free. All you need to do is complete the short form here and you will get it for free. 

I haven’t made an outlandish claim about what you are going to take away from this free course. Well, I hate to disappoint you but that isn’t coming. The proposition here is simple, if you are wondering if you should be investing your time and energy in LinkedIn marketing, this super short free course will give you the answer. If the answer is no, you are free to enjoy the rest of your days happy in the knowledge that you don’t need to think about LinkedIn marketing ever again. If the answer is yes, everything you need to realise about effective LinkedIn marketing for your business, will be available to you. I’ll tell you all about that on the other side. All you need to do now is complete the form. It’s right there. You just need to complete the form now.